Monday, January 11, 2021

Far away Future is back.

No bubbles to be seen anywhere....Said in the most sarcastic way. But it's always nice to get a chance to use my nickname for them.

EV Startup Faraday Said in SPAC Merger Talks to Go Public.


  1. Big Tech has been an interesting bubble, hasn't it?

    Beef up your operations security: a primer for n00bz.

    We don't use social media, never have, never had to consider it. It's not necessary to make sales and it just sits there as a big target for other people to data mine and to attack directly, so we don't bother.

    But when you can get Merkel and Macron to agree on something, and that the something they agree on is that Big Tech crossed the line big time with "content creator suppression" of what was probably the most popular eyeball attractor on the American Internet?

    Yeah, Big Tech really fucked up.

    Here's how big it is: Big Tech is going to be replaced with National Tech because everyone's learning that they can't trust Americans, especially the kind in Big Techlandia, with their data and especially their freedoms.

    Watch one platform after another of Big Tech get open-source replacements that any country can nationalize, and those countries will do it.

    Even without that, the more capable countries can fund their own national social media initiatives and recoup some of the costs by building platforms for less capable countries.

    When I log into a Swiss server, I want to talk with Swiss people. When I log into a Singapore server, I want to talk with Singaporean people.

    I only swing by here these days in the hopes you'll take some interesting pictures that may or may not be of cars.

    Otherwise, I try to stay off the American Internet these days except to do a drive-by flinging of boogers at it.

    I do have to say that it's really damned tempting to help fund a Swiss open-source initiative to replace Twitter.

  2. Nothing would make me happier. I'd been complaining for this long enough that I ....just... became... exhausted. I didn't think anyone cared.

    What "big tech" just did to free speech, they have been doing to competition here in the Valley FOR A DECADE at least. No one cared.

    I'm the most free market person in the world, but Trump should have started with them first. I can only hope he has more standing as a private citizen.

    But as for this being a "tipping point"? I'm not holding my breath yet. People are lazy. Facebook is the aol of the internet.

    People are too lazy to manage a website. I mean, everyone knows they can get to the internet outside of facebook. Right?

    But the same problems remain. You can not get people to pay for internet hosting, so even if you wanted your own T1, you have to figure out a way to make money. Which is why facebook is the aol of the internet.

    I haven't seen a massive spike in the companies that produce NAS's, so..... We will see.

    I've been hosting my own stuff for a while now. And I don't even have anything special. But it's mine.