Monday, January 11, 2021

Republicans find a way to screw up everything.

Today I think today I am going to clear the air. Because I think Republicans lost the election for Trump and I'm kinda mad about it.  

For months I've been asking Mr S. if the Never Trumpers were behind this anti mask movement. The people I saw amplifying that message in the loudest way, were never Trumpers. Bill Mitchell. Chris Christy. I mean, a few days ago I asked Mr S. why we were listening to Paul Ryan all of a sudden. That guy is a tool! Also a never Trumper. Right?

I'm not exactly sure how we went from Trump doesn't need to wear a mask - to EVERYONE doesn't need to wear a mask. To be honest - our party looks effing insane right now. They have become what we claimed to hate. To go into stores the way they did and act a fool when everyone is just trying to get by. There are no words for that. It's embarrassing honestly.

Last night as the death toll hit more than 700 A DAY in my State I asked Mr S. how many does it take before people believe it's real. He turned to me and says - ONE. The one person you love. And yes, I do know a person who has gotten it. They recovered, but that person knew people that had a much worse result.

People take a dim view of someone saying your family member doesn't matter. Not to mention Nurses Union is a big fucking voting block. The way people are treating them.... would you vote for a Republican? They are caved with work with no end in sight and no appreciation. If you are on the line, you are going to vote for the party that doesn't make your life miserable. WE NEEDED EVERY VOTE.

The past year has been a chaotic mess. And Republicans didn't help that at all. They ruined time he could have used to talk about Biden sending so many Black people to jail. Or the amount of regulation he cut. But the whole year was spent on this bullshit.

Now, do I believe there was voter fraud. Yes. A million times.  But this country is split right down the middle when it comes to issues. Pretty much 50/50 with the margin of error on one side of the line or the other. Yet Republicans were acting like they didn't have a care in the world. AND! They made this whole virus thing a talking point when it didn't need to be!

And even worse, their behavior became obnoxious. People were becoming hostile with me just because I believe the virus is real, and I'm an OG Trump supporter! I have the receipts. Honestly I'm a little bitter about it. It was pretty amusing (at first) watching these people become super fervent to people on their side. Eventually you get a little "fuck you" about it.

You don't win elections by treating people they way they did. Our party needs some huge self reflection because I don't even understand what those never Trumpers hope to achieve. The Mitt Romney Republicans. They are complete spineless losers, but I'm pretty sure they are behind the effort to make Trump look bad. 

WE DONT NEED DEMOCRATS to make our party look bad. We have ourselves.

Additionally, the Never Trumpers are the reason we got Trump. From at least Bush on, any time the Democrats would say anything the Republicans would just roll over like a whipped dog. Many of us voted for Trump because he fought back.

Lastly, I don't think Trump ever intended to run again. It's more likely one of his sons will. So all this impeachment crap, I think - doesn't matter. He's more valuable out now. But wow am I mad about how things turned out.

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