Saturday, January 11, 2020

Prepare for digital license plates.

I could have taken a video - but I didn't.

I have been seeing demos for these things for a few years now, but this company says they have already signed up a bunch of States. I forget how many. Much more than I expected. I want to say around 10. California is one of them.

You know this will be used for ads. They know it will be used for ads. We all know it will be used for ads. But, suck it up buttercup. This is our future now.


  1. *twitch*

    Ok, so I had to go look at their website, THEY REQUIRE A SUBSCRIPTION FEE!!!! Its not bad enough that it'll be used for ads (Personalized Messages!!), its not bad enough that it tracks your car and broadcasts that info. There's a subscription fee!


    I wanna go be a hermit now.

  2. Oh - you're kidding. I really hate this trend. In the future you just really aren't going to actually own anything.(sigh)