Sunday, January 12, 2020

Makes no sense to me at all.

Worst application for VR ever. This is how soft we are as people enow. It's also pretty weird because you can buy LED grow lights at Home Depo. They must think we won't have windows in the future.


  1. There is a growing trend for indoor gardening, specifically in climates not suited for outdoor gardening, or for below ground in cities, or in containers in cities. I mean, how else are we going to grow enough food once the climate collapses?! (sarcasm)

    In addition there's a HUGE market aimed at the "average" person, to put in some sort of space saving growing pod, to grow your own salad or herbs year round. I've looked at a few of these as they attract my attention, I live in an area with a short summer, and do most of my seed starting inside well before warm weather hits. But the costs for these grow pod type things are astronomical, and many of them are open to surrounding air and so aren't even properly climate controlled. I built a grow tent, with good quality LED grow lights (not the expensive but cheap crap from HD either) for less than $100. Ok, if I'd had to buy the shelving that I used for the frame it would have been closer to $150, but still. And it holds at least as many seedlings as the Sherpa space thing in your 4th picture while using less floor space. And because its enclosed I can control temperature and humidity in it.

  2. (smile) I figured this was some bullshit food insecurity thing.

    Before marijuana prohibition ended, people had been growing it in their closets for a couple of decades. Just with cheap florescent lights no less. Which is why I'm still confused about this whole setup. At times I wasn't sure if I was at a 420 show or CES.

    When one of them claimed you could grow exotic crops I was like - they know weed is legal now right? Mr S. had to remind me it wasn't legal everywhere.

  3. The math does not work for large scale operations. This article mentions your favourite bank investing in this.


  4. Oy-ve. I couldn't even read that whole article because the person was such a douche. Oh my - we can't grow crops indoors because we don't know what plants need. They would be SOOOOO expensive! People really make things harder than they need to be.

    Meanwhile - I buy hydroponic lettuce literally ALL the time. It's only slightly more expensive than regular lettuce. It's crazy how little real world experience people have with stuff and then they get to write shit like that. I bet he doesn't even shop for himself. Such rubbish.

    Thanks for the article though. I really do appreciate it even if I don't agree with the writer. I would rather know what they are saying rather than just dismiss them.

  5. The growing trend for organic and "know where your food comes from" factors into it too. But really, for anything approaching the average person, most of these really aren't cost effective for anything more than a few pots of herbs, and honestly, if thats all I'm doing, a few pots in a window works just fine in all but the dimmest apartments.

    Weed growing, yes, and a LOT of this info is coming from the weed growing groups! One of the few FB groups I occasionally read is a Hot Pepper growing group, and about half the members also grow weed. They get amused by some of the newbie questions on what to buy for gear.

  6. Well.... "back in the day" you could go to jail for life. So people were REALLY motivated and creative about finding ways to grow it. There is a vast reservoir of knowledge in the pot growing people.

    OMG pepper growing group. This year my goal is to make chili paste. My chilitipins take a month to germinate. And if you fail it takes another month.

  7. I grow hot peppers every year for my husband, and then anything he doesn't eat fresh I make into pickled hot peppers, sauce, jelly, and powder. For what is supposed to be a warm/hot weather only plant they do surprisingly well in my northern short season garden!