Thursday, January 02, 2020

My switch finally flipped.

It takes me a while to get that excited feeling leading up to CES. Sure - it's like tech Disnleyland, but have you ever thought about how it would really be to spend days at Disneyland stuck in lines? Just the simple act of finding food is an all out adventure. I've stayed at the same place for three years and I'm just hoping I can find my way to Shake Shack without getting lost once!

I know why they make all those stupid casinos look the same - but I wish they would just stop it.

But, I guess a drone show over the Bellagio was the thing that flipped my switch. I honestly don't know why China is beating us to this drone show thing. I've tried once or twice to catch one, but they were canceled.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 02, 2020 7:52:00 PM

    Q: Why am I making a comment on a blog post way the hell back around New Year's 2020?

    A: Because I need a spot a little out of the way that will show up in your recent comments feed so you can see it.

    Here's the deal right now: lockdowns are lifting and I have a lot to do.

    There's someone in the comments here who's being super, super creepy, and I don't have the time, inclination, or patience to deal with gamma male bullshit.

    And so I'm not going to.

    I don't get the behavior: in real life, I probably wouldn't notice him.

    Besides, I showed up here for the cars and the tech gear, not the ankle biters.

    So with that in mind, good luck surviving the oncoming shitstorm, but my ass is literally as well as figuratively out of here ...

  2. Yeah... what is going on with you two? It's like he gliched. But I'm not sure over what.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, June 20, 2020 3:03:00 AM

    I'd hoped the crazy would get dialed back a bit, and so I came back after a while hoping that this had actually happened ...

    Now the crazy's coming after you some of the time.

    It's a good time for me to wander off and for the crazy to get dealt with however that has to happen.

    I have movers to deal with starting on Tuesday, and this is going to be a several day thing.

    I have a scheduled exit interview with some bureaucratic types that may successfully take place a few months from now, but with the lockdowns and other pandemic madness, who really knows?

    Between these things, I have a lot of people to meet with and a lot of stuff to do.

    Remember how I dodged my gone crazy former employee a while back?

    I did that because I didn't want to see that person, regardless of how the behavior had turned nasty, end up with the kinds of consequences that he couldn't get out from under.

    The same principle applies.

    I know what glitched out that person at least: I thought I could help keep the employee regardless of an unwillingness to accept and to work with the changes being put into effect, and because I thought it was worth saving the employee relationship in some way, I tended to ignore the character disturbance issues.

    And so while it was a surprise that things wound up the way they did, I've come to accept that if you ignore these types of character disturbance issues, they just tend to get worse.

    Maybe something could have been done months ago before the lockdowns and pandemic craziness, but now?

    You'd think that twenty plus incoherent "drunkposts" in a row would be a clue to cool it and to ask why you'd think this is an acceptable plan ...

    But that means these types of people would have to accept that their behavior isn't desirable, even if other people aren't calling it out.

    In reality, the longer they stay in your social orbit, the longer they have to poison everything in it and around it, and it doesn't matter whether they're dimwits or literal rocket scientists.

    Once you understand the dynamics, you notice that there are lots of techniques for flushing out a covert alcoholic.

    Let's play: we know who White is, and apparently some people were acting like the Persecutor and didn't realize it (or didn't care), while also some of those same people may have handed out occasionally random encouragement via olive branches as the Rescuer, not understanding the Alcoholic and the need for that "drunkpost" stagger.

    As for the Patsy, it's everyone who didn't say anything about it, and as for that consummate professional, the Connection ... well, the bartender hasn't refused to serve the Alcoholic yet.

    I was actually hoping that by mentioning the Kick Me game that you'd check out the Alcoholic game and notice the similarities in situations.

    Oh, and in your role as bartender?

    Black coffee for me, decaf, thanks, but I'll take it to go. :-)

  4. This is pretty choice coming from Mr Anarchist/everything. But I will talk to him. I normally don't moderate AT ALL. People are free to be who they are which sometimes results in people over stepping boundaries. It's still funny that you of all people are wanting moderation.

    Also... I'm pretty sure you are smart enough to make a proxy email and emailed me directly instead of side threading this.