Wednesday, January 29, 2020


  1. Speaking of tech, I can promise that this will not be fun reading, but that it will be very interesting reading by the time you get done with it.

    "But this is for the old variant, and this is ten years old now!"

    The same principles apply.

  2. Now there's a case in rural Finland ...

    Someone from Wuhan decided that it would be an excellent idea to travel to Ivalo, which is in Northern Finland, and when things got a little bit weird she decided she'd beat a trail to the nearest major hospital which is in Rovaniemi.

    Ivalo's so far north that you can rent an igloo nearby ... which is actually where she was, now that I'm looking closer at that map.

    Rovaniemi's where you can go see The Real Santa Claus.

    This is where I have gone in the past when I've wanted to disappear and make it really damned difficult for anyone to find me.

    That's a really nice hospital though ... which I have never seen, let alone the inside of it, because I Am Not That Kind Of Visitor.

    What's next, the Wuhan-Clan decides they're going to visit sunny Destin for an "early spring break"?

    Oh, wait, better yet, what about Sanibel Island?

    Or perhaps a full tour of San Francisco with stops in Palo Alto and Mountain View through a fuckload of Lyft and Uber rides?


    BTW, after you read my non-fun reading, you might get clued in on why that's interesting reading, but I'll offer a hint anyway ...

    Look through Mister S's bathroom stuff and see if you can locate a certain product that's head and shoulders above the rest, especially if it's the basic product.

    Then look at the active ingredient.

  3. Remember when Dr Nancy Sniderman broke quarantine over Ebola? It was then I realized that quarantines don't work. Human nature is always the same.

    I didn't make it through your first link though.

  4. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, January 31, 2020 12:09:00 AM

    "I didn't make it through your first link though."

    There's usually a "discussion" section toward the end that spares most readers from the dismal ponderousness of charts and method in these papers.

    The short version then?

    A common brand of men's shampoo containing zinc pyrithione might do more than help treat a case of dandruff, and it might be a "novel" form of hand wash that might deal with this other "novel" thing as well.

    Zinc supplements might also help with avoiding the common cold, so they're probably already part of your "Elbow-la" routine anyway, but they're worth mentioning.

    Does this sound like a crazy plan?

    It's a better plan than hoping your local hospital has enough anti-retroviral medicine and that you won't wind up with diabetes and pancreatitis after it.

    Also, do you think they really have doses for everyone?

    What's washing your hands with shampoo that reeks of Old Spice going to hurt? Or sucking on a few fruity lemon zinc cough drops every day for a while? Maybe you could opt for the unscented shampoo and the elderberry flavor of zinc cough drops?

    So there you go. :-)

  5. Hahahah. I figured that was the case. I like how you are using my phrases. I had an eye appointment yesterday because I needed just a touch of help reading. My long distance is better than 20/20, but I'm not on the lightest reading help now. I was pretty freaked about about the whole eye DR's at first. I was afraid I was getting eyebola.

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, January 31, 2020 2:17:00 PM

    Age and too much work around electronics and computer screens have led to my needing four different pairs of glasses.

    The glasses?

    1. A tri-focal pair which I hate, but have to have so I can pass vision tests at different ranges, usually when demanded for my driver's license renewal.

    2. A pair for driving and distance vision.

    3. A pair for reading and computer screens.

    4. A pair that's made artificially strong so I can look at electronics projects.

    I'm like the opposite of a cat -- I'm super near-sighted, whereas cats can't really see much that's close.

    The thing in Finland still has me freaked out.

    It's like death walking on your shadow and the reason it hasn't touched you once again is a matter of being somewhere else on that particular date ...

    But can you imagine having to hire crime scene cleaners to do a top-to-bottom deep cleaning for one of your rentals?

    Because I'm betting that's what's going to have to happen in Finland.

    So far the anti-HIV drugs are working, and so there are treatments that may work if this stuff isn't too far along, but at a cost.

    I wasn't kidding about the diabetes and pancreatitis, BTW, and anyone who got prescribed one of these for norovirus probably has a few stories as well.