Sunday, July 28, 2019

The backstory.

Has anyone ever seen a COSTCO closed on Sundays?


I was out in Hayward this weekend marveling at all of the dead real estate.  I didn't go there just for that. I was there for another reason. But couldn't help but notice it. Even for that area I was a little taken back.  Which is why when I ran across this Costco I was like - this isn't a dead Costco, is it? When does that happen? But oddly there was a new car parked at the doors.

When I went to take a picture - you could see a huge sign in the lobby saying they were closed on Sundays. Which was also confusing to me. I thought they were open all the time.

I don't shop there, so I don't know. But why would you close on a Sunday? Seems like on of your most profitable days!


  1. The one by me is usually open on Sundays.

  2. All sundays or this sunday? Maybe they had inventory or something. The weekend seems like a bad time to schedule that, but still. I wish my employer would close for inventory!

  3. Enough Sunday's that they made a sign taller than me that can be seen from 100 feet away?

    I thought naaa - what's the world coming to when there is a dead Costco? But why is there this new car still out front? When I went to take pictures of the car I saw the sign and was like - Maybe that's a thing being closed on Sundays? I don't shop Costco. I don't have a big family and am not in the market for a giant jug of mayonnaise. I just can't figure out why they would chose a weekend day to close rather than a weekday. But what do I know?

    I think it's really the people eating samples that spoil it for me (@ Costco). You roll down an isle and it's completely clogged up and they don't give an eff. It's not worth saving a few bucks on toilet paper.

  4. It looks like a Business Center Costco which usually are closed on Sundays. These are Costcos that are specifically oriented for businesses like hotels and restaurants so they sell items that are packaged differently than the usual Costco items. I don't think Costco would be going under anytime soon!

  5. Huh. I didn't know those things existed before two days ago.