Saturday, July 20, 2019

An Aston I've never seen before.

I was fairly captivated by the tail lights. Which is normally not my thing - so you got a lot of shots of the back and almost nothing of the front.

As soon as I found out the grill didn't move like Bently's new concept I was like meh. Back to the tail lights.


  1. That is different. Now here's the big question, does it just light up? Or does it do something funky, like rotate the light around those fins? Cause that would be really really cool.

  2. I'm not sure. I wondered that too. It would be smart for it to rotate. Because why the hell not?! If those lights don't rotate I will think this thing sucks! Why would you go through all that trouble?

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, August 26, 2019 11:09:00 PM

    I've never seen an Eleven with that configuration of lights ...

    It's not an AMR Eleven, that much I am pretty sure about.

    It's also not one of the Tens that weren't yet Elevens from James Bond films.

    A DBS Eleven? I've never seen one of those myself.

    A DBS Superleggera with special edition lights? Maybe, and that'd make it very unusual.

    But that whole group of cars really are expensive toys, aren't they?

    I'm not doing expensive toys again ...

    The hassle of being pulled over by police interceptors just because they want a closer look at your vehicle?

    Fuck anything and everything about that.

    I need a somewhat more low-key appearance in my semi-retirement.

  4. I STILL don't know what that car is. It is a very unusual light cluster. Right? Now I wish I would have taken more shots, but it was really penned in there and that tends to frustrate me.

  5. Scratch that. It's a vanquish zagato.