Friday, July 19, 2019

McLaren Friday.


  1. I'll take the Rolls or a nice Mercedes. McLarens look like plastic toy cars. I realize it's a different market; like some like Crotch Rockets and others like the BMW roadsters or the Honda Shadow.

    Some like a quick joyride followed by a fiery crash with their brains spread over the asphalt and others like comfort, safety and power.
    Not just power with no control

    Just my opinion

  2. I admit I am a bit bored of McLarens, but I still have a crush on them because their creator died in a crash. So their cockpits are visually indestructible. They were like - this thing is going to go a million miles and hour - we have to make sure people don't die. Of course people still do, but you have to try really hard at it. And for that I just sort of have a crush on them. It's pretty amazing honestly.