Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Oh my.

‘We’re Full,’ Car Dealers Say as Auto Sales Slow After a Long Boom.

"Car dealers around the country said that the upgrade cycle they rode to rich profits in recent years appears to be ending and that they are seeing fewer buyers despite offering discounts and other incentives. So, dealers say they are ordering fewer vehicles from manufacturers.

“We are turning down cars and are being more picky on the cars we stock,” said Brian Benstock, general manager of Paragon Honda in New York City. “We just can’t take more. We’re full.”

Ford is laying off 12,000 people in Europe. I think they closed every plant they have. I might be exaggerating.

Nissan is laying off 10,000.

Tesla - LOL


  1. Something is very wrong with the market. I blame over regulated, over priced cars that nobody can afford or wants.

    Nissan profits down 99%:


  2. Hooooooly shite. That is a lot of percent. Thanks for the link. I agree with the guy.