Thursday, July 11, 2019

It's the most depressing thing to run into someone from one of those co-working spaces, and after listening to their pitch I immediately Google how much it costs for a for a space there.  Because I think they are totally wasting their money.


  1. This particular one was 12 grand for a five week residency and mentoring program. These co-working spaces are just MLM's at this point. Straight up puppy mills. But it does have a blow up unicorn in the pool. So there is that.

  2. Gaaaah!
    Last time I was part of a startup with business premises, we were paying somewhere around $500/month for maybe 1200 square feet of bare-bones light industrial space.
    We had walls, a roof, a floor, and doors we could lock to keep our projects secret. Also electricity (not included in the rent), and access to shared restrooms.
    That was, egad, back in 2005, before the development boom eliminated low-rent space for small businesses in favor of high-density, high-value land use.