Saturday, January 20, 2018

YouTube University rocks.

You can learn ANYTHING on youtube.

A ton of years back Mr S. and I would have home repair problems and I'd always say - I bet youtube has a video. And they always did. Now this is where Mr S. starts with me. Like, hey Honey - the heater in the Solstice has a problem and then he just starts sending me videos. Then he lets the video convince me if I want to do it or not. It's a genius husband move really. Men spend their whole lives trying to convince us to do stuff. I think you guys need all the help you can get. Even if it's youtube.

So anyway..... guess what we were doing today?

Well, more me because any man bigger than me would have a problem fixing that. I was head down into foot compartment. Legs up at the head rests under the steering compartment. Mr S. was of course getting me all the tools I needed so I didn't have to move. That is a tiny car. But the part only cost 30 bucks! So it's worth standing on your head a bit.

We actually took that car in to have that problem fixed once and they completely didn't fix it. The whole time I was down there I was like - yeah... I get why. And I have tiny girl hands! There was only one area where I could get a fist into. So, that helped me with exactly one screw. If I was a mechanic I'd put that request on ignore too.

But we fixed it. Mr S. is pretty good at finding videos that get right to the point. And I love that. It helps in the convincing and the fixing because repairing cars is sort of on the fringe of things we know how to fix.


  1. I had to change out the headlight bulb on my Dodge Caliber last year.

    After getting it swapped I told my husband that it was good thing I was willing to do it, cause there was no way in hell he was getting his hands in made me wonder just how much of the cost of getting stuff fixed in my car is for extra disassembly and reassembly of non-damaged parts so that the repair guys can get their hands in there!

  2. OMG - lots. My arms were almost too long to be able to move at all. On the Solstice - to replace the battery - you have to take off the right front corner panel. Which sounds like bullshit. But it's true. So I'm guessing there is a lot of unnecessary disasemmbling going on. Just because it's just all packed together so tightly.

    You rock. But don't let your husband get ahold of youtube. ;) Mine is already trying to convince me to replace an exhaust manifold. The commute car is old now, so I guess we are mechanics. I mean, just to put it on the rack is going to cost at least a hundy.

  3. To late lol

    Shortly after we started dating I discovered that he'd never used a power drill. His dad's a former Handyman! His sister has a tool collection to make alot of guys jealous! And I had to teach him out to use a power drill. Turns out that as the baby of the family everyone had always just done that stuff for him......I fixed that quick enough!