Wednesday, January 24, 2018

This is why Facebook is evil.

"STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) -- A Northern California city plans to give several dozen families $500 a month for a year as part of a program to study the economic and social impacts of giving people a basic income.

San Francisco radio station KQED reports the program in Stockton will track what residents do with the money and how having a universal basic income affects their self-esteem and identity.

The Economic Security Project, co-led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, is contributing $1 million to the yearlong research project in Stockton." Source.

If the founders of Facebook want to give their money away - I have no problem with that. But lets be honest - a million dollars doesn't go a long way and soon this will be a government program that every single taxpayer will then pay for. They are capitalists with their money, but socialists with your money.

It's sort of weird to see free companies be more socialist than the governments they reside under. And that's saying a lot for California. Things are getting really weird in California these days. I mean, it's like they are saying "you aren't socialist enough for us", we have some ideas to help you.

I mean, Facebook stopped being against censorship in China, and then basically said if manipulating search results is good enough for China - it's good enough for the US too.

Now they are going to lure a city that has already claimed bankruptcy into being a socialist hell hole. And all it took was a million dollars. Now for Stockton, a million dollars is a lot of money.


  1. Five months from now in the KQED news room ...

    "... and we do NOT, repeat, do NOT ever allow the words 'hookers' and 'blow' to be said in a prime time news cast about what the poor people of Stockton spend their money on ..."


  2. It's a great use of government resources though. Right?

  3. $1M funding but four dozen families x $500/month x 12 months = $288k. What's going on?

  4. Well, they are going to need a whole department to ask those families questions. Facebook knows that once the government starts doing something - it's really hard to get them to stop. So the first year they pay a couple of salaries, and then that department just can't get laid off so the program gets imbedded into the system. . Let's call it an acclimation period. People get used to the program being there, and they don't care that much at this point because "Facebook is paying for it".

    If this were a year ago - there would be zero chance that department ever disappeared. Now..... I don't know. California makes it's own rules. And they about to get crazy up in this place. They don't want anyone to keep an of their own money.... so they are lashing out. Their whole belief system is about to get tested.


    Gives a new perspective on the Department of Parks and Recreation. :-)

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if they already don't have that based on the previous Mayor.