Sunday, January 14, 2018

Fisker EMotion.

My favorite moment at CES this year was happened while I was trying to get shots of the new Emotion. They always box these new cars in so tight that you pretty much need a wide angle lens to get the whole thing in. Add people, and you want to pull your hair out. I was hanging out on the outskirts in a ragey funk trying to get a clear shot.

Some people from the booth came out and put some stairs right in front of the butterfly doors and I thought - oh that's nice. They are going to give us better access to this car. And at that very moment Henrick Fisker appeared and went up the stairs. And no one seemed to recognize who he was but the booth people. I immediately started taking pictures of him and people were kinda looking at me like I was the weird one. But it was magical in a way. Because there was literally no reaction from the people around me. Even there people with professional cameras kept just shooting the car.

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  1. Na. That's not really my style.. I was more in my head about how no one seemed to react to him. I mean, if Musk showed up people would be taking pictures of him, right? I even looked at my whole set of pictures later to make sure I wasn't imagining it. And I'm not sure completely I'm a fan girl. Mostly not. But I guess I was that day. It's not a bad looking car though. Maybe he has the right product at the right time - this time. Car history gives you do over. Right?