Monday, January 15, 2018

Learning male dominance.

I'm not a man hater or a SJW, but there are a couple things guys do that annoy me at trade shows. I kept bitching about these things to Mr S. Because when you are doing a 10K at a conference - lots of things start to annoy you.

Me - I don't know why I always have to yield the right away when I run into a guy here. It really makes it so you have to walk so much more. It's annoying.

Mr S. - They aren't doing it because you are a girl, they're doing it because you're smaller than they are. The unspoken rule is the smaller man typically yields.   It's an unconscious, instinctive behavior.   And you are small. But it's not just about size, it's about alpha dominance. So a lot of times you can get people to get out of your way by exerting dominance, such as look them in the eye and refuse to move.

I look at him sort of confused. So I just stare them in the eye. That's all?

Him - Yes. Just stare at them. Often, they will move.

Later in the day.

Me - I've been doing that stare thing with mixed results. Girls aren't really wired to stare guys in the eyes. It's sort of an invitation. So it's hard to hold the gaze.

Him - Well, how do you figure out how to walk around people?

Me - You just look at their bodies. We don't really stare people down. You think girls are complicated,  but, man rules seem really complicated.

Him. Man rules are easy if you know what they are.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, January 16, 2018 2:13:00 PM

    You just need sunglasses and a bulge under your jacket that makes you look like you're an undercover FBI agent. :-)

  2. That sounds more miserable than the extra walking.

  3. Oh ...that would have been interesting in the monorail crush. I thought I was going to brawl with a guy in the line. The first day a guy kept shoving his backpack into me. So the next day when another guy kept hitting me with his backpack every time he turned around - I had to tell him to stop. And I'm not a freak about personal space we were packed in like India and it didn't bother me. But quit shoving me with your backpacks. That makes me crazy. A loaded backpack is almost half my size.