Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dogs are living their best life.

This thing caught my eye this weekend because it wasn't shaped like any bicycle I'd ever seen. Most of the bike is actually for carrying things. Like dogs. Or anything obviously. It's a petal assist electric bike. I kinda liked that the dogs where in the front.  It's from Urban Arrow. They said there is a place in San Fransisco that sells them.

I guess these are popular in Dutch type towns where people don't really use cars anymore. This is how they get around and get their stuff around. Goes about 50 miles on a charge. Costs about 6 grand though. I just like that it was something I hadn't seen before. And it's sort of more dignified for a dog than being carted around in a baby carrier. I see that crap all the time.


  1. If you're going to use that in place of a car its a great idea. Bit expensive for the rest of us though.

  2. Capital of Texas Refugee - Hahahahaha. I see what you did there. Petal bike sounds better.

    Ruth - Yeah, it is spendy. The electrification is part of it, but the other part is they are new and low production I bet. If more people buy them they presumably will get cheaper. The electric bikes are pretty speedy right now without when being able to carry two large dogs.

  3. "Petals are on flowers, pedals are on bicycles ..."

    And they say that editors don't know how to have fun. :-)

  4. I liked the visual aid. At first I was confused... but then liked it.