Saturday, May 16, 2015

You know tech is in the shitter when.....

Fry's electronics starts selling soft porn. My first thought was - who still pays for porn!? But they had almost a full isle. I mean, they used to have a small five foot section for Playboy and HighTimes. I'm not sure who the demo for Playboy these days is either. But selling actual porn dvd's is pretty new. I'm also slightly confused by modern music artists putting out vinyl. That's Alt J and Lana Del Rey on the bottom.


  1. We went into frys the other day for a desoldering iron and when I asked the clerk he told me that people dont use those sorts of tools anymore. Hard to understand why they have aisles devoted to components if they dont provide tools to use them DF

  2. Huh. Now I wonder how much of that stuff they really sell? That is weird.