Monday, May 18, 2015

The thrill is gone.

I think this will be my last year at Maker for a while. This crowd has achieved the least amount of self awareness on the planet. Since I've seen a bunch of stuff from previous years, the crowds just make it really unenjoyable. It's really been this way for a few years - I think I've just reached my breaking point.

Mr S. and I strolled up at 3:00 on a Sunday hoping to escape the crowds, and I was on tilt within 30 minutes. It's the people parking their double wide toddler strollers in the middle of isles with no children in them. Which is so effing irritating. Maker Faire has a bike check in - what I wouldn't give for a check in area for the hummer sized SUV strollers these people tote around. Some of them I can barely even see over they are so big. And I'm a normal sized woman!

It's also that every guy seems to feel like he needs to carry around all of his personal belongings in a giant backpack strapped to him. I think this really bothers me because in a huge crowd I see nothing but backpacks because I'm that height. I hate it. It honestly feels like you have a backpack shoved in your face all of the time. The only way to make this thing worse is to have CES style rolling luggage pulled around by everyone.

You can't get close to anything these days and people just camp out in the booths. Of course, people think Maker Faire is the ideal place to use a razor scooters and all means of rolling transport. Said in the most sarcastic way. I just don't think I can do it again for a while.

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