Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get ready to see a circle or box around your face all the time.

I was in trade shows all day. It's really wild to see how many companies are doing computer vision now. They are still in the marginal range, but today I saw a demo where the computer could figure out the mood of a baby. And you know babies are a mess! It also tried to figure out if it was an adult or a baby. On the screen it would ready "happy baby". It got it wrong about half the time labeling it as a happy or sad adult. Or I would have posted a vid.

I guess I didn't know we were getting to the range where my computer would know my mood. But that is one of the side effects of one technology. People try to see what other applications they can use it for. When you teach cars computer vision, well, then computers know how to recognize all sorts of things.

I swear - all the technologies I love will one day make me paranoid. I think it will just take the feeling of being watched to a whole new level.

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