Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Pacific is moist.

I haven't been bitching about the drought much lately because we've been getting a lot of cloud cover reducing temps for the last 24 days roughly. This has put a lot less pressure on the trees. It looks to have put a pause on their demise.

I have been watching the vapor loop for a while because it's summer here. We don't really get rain that often, and hurricanes are going to be our only relief until about October. And that is only scant relief. Sometimes we get lightening from them which is a real treat.

The Pacific has surprisingly little dry air right now. Dry air is that orange color. The area below Baja has been super moist for a few weeks now. It stretches almost all the way to Hawaii. Today it looks like it's trying to spin something up down there which if true is not good news for Texas. It looks to already have a rooster tail. Animated link. Right now it's just pulsing.

I have to admit, I've been watching Texas with a combination of jealousy and fear. We want rain - just maybe not that much rain.

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