Monday, May 11, 2015

Blurred lines.

My property manager is moving into my rental on Friday. I'll wait for you to absorb that. Ready?

Two weeks ago she called and said - I want to live in your house. And frankly I was stunned. I didn't even know how to react. Two thirds of my brain was screaming - that's a horrible idea. She's as qualified as anyone else I'd choose. But still - this is a crazy scenario I didn't know was in the cards.

In a related topic. A few days before my property manager called me, I got a text message from the police in my town saying my rental was either burning down or being broken into. I know that is a wide range, so I wasn't sure if it was real either. I especially didn't know the police texted in these cases. They did call under a blocked number and I didn't answer it. They didn't even leave a message. They just sent out a text. I'm not even sure how they got my cell phone number. 

Since I had to enter the unit I had to call my property manager to alert her because the renters still had belongings there. This is where I found out that the police had found my property manager through Google and had called her. I think she even picked up a new potential renter. One of the officers wanted to move back into town. He's living two cities over.

I later found out that my previous renters had installed a security system in my house, and when they were transferring it to their new house they must have set it off. But it was still registered at the old address. So the police went out. 

That is all... carry on.

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