Thursday, May 28, 2015

I finally got the guts to ask that guy I know if he was able to refi yet. He's the only one I know left that is in worse pain than I was. Most people either gave up or managed to make it through the window.

Actually, that might be wrong. I might know one other guy is who still worse off than the first. Someone convinced him to buy a rental in Angels Camp. I just don't know him as well to ask about his personal finances. I know that other guy really well, and it's slightly uncomfortable at this point.

I've only been out to Angels Camp once, so I don't track their real estate unless I'm in town. It's too far inland. Though I might have to suck it up and just inquire if I run into him.

Anyway. I was a little surprised he said no. He's thinking about selling his house and moving into his rental. He'd lose money presumably, otherwise the bank would refi him right now. But he's paying 7% interest. So.... there's that.

That has to burn like the surface of the sun.

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