Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Sometimes the only thing you walk away with from a car show is a thundercats jaguar. And you don't like either. Maybe you guys will enjoy it somehow. I have never seen one.(shrug)

I never really used to be that much of a car chick until the recession. I always loved seeing the CEO's drive Ferrari's into work in Silicon Valley, but my first love is technology. When the recession came it made it hard to find interesting stuff - so I had to find other hobby to entertain me and this blog. As it turns out - cars are bastions of individuality and creativity. I've really grown to love that about them. Cars are always changing. And cars are an endless source of entertainment from bumper stickers to licence plates with meaningful sayings. Some not so meaningful. Or even worth the cost of paying for individualized plates. But people do, and even that can be funny sometimes.  Why would they pay for that? - I always demonstratively huff. Some are worth the money right off. Like this one from @Andys_Cat:

The end. It was a crappy car show after all. What do you want from me?

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