Monday, June 09, 2014

It's going to be one of "those" summers already.

Every summer I have a bug out plan for the bunnies because they can only handle so much heat. They can't pant like a dog to shed heat from their bodies. I have to have a plan because every summer I get hit with a blackout. Some are pretty minor, but when it's over 100 degrees I start getting anxious. I like to stay close to home just in case the power stays off for a long time..

Yesterday we hit 104. We figured we'd just lay around the house and be lazy. It was really pretty fabulous until I went to cook something for us. The cook top goes out while I'm cooking. We assumed it had just run it's lifespan although I've never seen those die. I go to put the food in the oven which is also not working all of a sudden. Now we are trying to figure out if the wiring in the house fried, and we're pissed about having to replace two pricey appliances. Neither of us had ever seen this happen before. Then we realise the AC is out too. But all the lights in the house work. Everything on 220 power does not. You could also tell we were having a brown out which I've never seen before because the lights were getting extremely dim. Usually you get a warning hit, and you go dead. This actually went on for around an hour where the power was pulsing up and down. We just shut everything off and decided to go to bed.

I've heard brown out can toast a lot of your stuff, and at this point I'd grown pretty bummed I was going to have to spend a lot of money. I figured they took  a surge and that's all the wrote. Mr S. read on the nets that sometimes this can happen when the utility isn't pumping both 110 and 220 into the house due to equipment failure. I was sure there was a snowballs chance in hell of this being true. I'm never that lucky. But we wouldn't be able to find out until 4 in the morning anyway when they expected the repair to be done. I went to bed super bummed because I hadn't hardened by bug out plan for the year. It's really early in the season to be losing power. And it's going to be 105 today so we had to figure something out quick.

About 1:00am we lose all power. I figure by the time we wake up the power will be on.


So Jasmine got to be a corporate bunny today so she could have AC. The power had been out for 10 hours. Who knew when they were going to get it back on. Once I was out for three days!

The did get the power back on around 11..... and all my stuff works. The AC. The stove and the cook top. I've never seen it where half of the power to your house works. I didn't even know what was possible. But it apparently is. That was really stressful though because you start adding up the dollar signs.


  1. Its weird that you seem to have such a problem with this. It has to have something to do with the town you live in. In the last 13 years, I haven't experienced a single blackout. DF

  2. You aren't joking. The only time I've never had to worry about a blackout was when I lived at my other house and I was on the hospital grid. That was bliss.