Friday, June 06, 2014

At least it will be a dry heat.

It's suppose to get over 100 degrees this weekend, so I've been getting rid of fuel around the house. Chopping up ghetto ladders I brought over from the other house (above), and clearing trees. It will be a miracle if anything survives this summer. A lot of people have already given in on keeping their lawns. You can hear the neighborhoods are getting quieter. Everything is dying, so there isn't as much work for people. And it totally sucks. This is going to cost a lot of money.

It's gonna be a really interesting summer. Said in the most sarcastic way.


  1. Lolz, my lawn is currently covered with 80 TVs. At least it isn't a jungle anymore. DF

  2. Some people would put plastic down to control those weeds. But TV's are a funny choice. Hahahaha. I bet it looks pretty artsy.