Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fire count? Two.

It's really unusual to have two fires in one day. Especially in basically the same place.

As we were settling into our ass grooves Mr S. goes - hey - there is another fire! Our house looks in the same direction as the creek which basically runs through the middle of town. It's a nothing creek in a rainy winter. I couldn't believe it honestly. They got the last one tamped down pretty quickly, so I almost didn't go out. The fire is much closer to the rental though, and so I had to go. The rental is two blocks from the creek.

At least I know what happens in a huge wild land fire. Which this one was not. But still - everyone drives towards the fire. I couldn't believe how many people came out. One off duty firefighter started to do traffic control over by the rental. If you don't know the neighborhood, and things got bad, you could really get trapped in there with all the extra traffic.

Hopefully that section of the creek is burnt down enough so I don't have to worry about the rental as much. Everything is super dry now. And homeless people live by the creek.


  1. Is that corn?

    Also, love your blog. Thank you so much for keeping it up.

    Finally, I confess to having a CondescendingWonka.jpg moment about your two fires. I had to sit at home, 2 miles from the Cocos fire here in San Diego, when it was one of *nine* in the county, and all the resources were still busy at the other eight.

  2. OMG. You made me laugh so hard. If I were reading another blogger from California who posted that picture I would be like - wait, hold up - she seriously can't be growing corn right now. What - the - hell!

    I planted it (I think in late Feb. or March) before we knew for sure how bad the drought would be. I'd planned to plant about 30/40 feet of corn rows but tapped out at 10 feet once I was pretty sure the rain would never come. Last year was my first good crop and it was so tender it would make you cry. Yes. Real tears for corn. I had to keep what I planted alive. In my defense - I am banking shower water while I'm waiting for it to heat up. That makes it okay - right?

    I can totally see the condecendingwonka thing. We are just lucky we don't get more wind and our hills are more camel-ey, and less canyon-ey. Last year there were a couple of fires on the highest hills that had houses on top. One house - I'm surprised he didn't cut two fire breaks this year because the fire raced up the hill so freaking fast. I was watching those fires down there. They were intense!

    Thank for the comment Stutefish. Sometimes it is a bit of a grind to find anything that entertains me, little alone something I think might entertain other people. So I appreciate you saying that. I can't believe how long you've been reading now. It's really nice to see you've hung around.