Monday, June 02, 2014

Anything goes - as long as it's loud. Part 2.

This was my favorite truck from the show. I like that minimalistic industrial look. It was in shadow - so my shots don't make it look that great. It's got to be pretty freaky having that much of your gas tank exposed to someone running into it from the back though.

This truck had airplane doors (the opposite of gull wing doors) which is something I've never seen on a car before. Why would you need that? I don't know. Shut up! If you have to ask - you can't be my friend.

Alligator seats were actually quite popular there. This guy went full Dolce Gabbana inside.

There were a couple of trucks with these split engine hoods. Some more creative than others. Each side had a separate airbrushed image. It must have taken a lot of time to get these to fit together right.

I wasn't into the Mayan art theme on this truck. But you can see he also has a split engine hood.

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