Saturday, June 07, 2014

Drunk Sand sculptures and a pig.

The thing about the Bay Area is - people are funny here. That's how you get people walking their pig at the beach at a sandcastle contest. And the contest? Not as many sandcastles as sculptures looking a few sheets to the wind.

We got there late and kids were already climbing over most of the stuff. So I might have missed a lot. Then tried to find something quirky to do in Alameda.

There is a reason I've never been to that town. There is almost nothing to do. They will have a car show next month so I can give it a second chance.


  1. What are you talking about Alameda has the Pinball Museum and High Scores. Both are about as quirky as you can get. They let you do tours of the old shipyard too, but that's less fun.

  2. Yeah. I saw the Museum, but I didn't realize you could play. Most museums you just look and I wasn't going to do that. Plus I was already getting to the sand pretty late. There has to be more than those two things though. Right?

    They do have some good grub though. I'd go back just for that.