Thursday, July 04, 2013

Way ahead of schedule.

I think celebrating this 4th of July is sort of a joke. Half of the people here are attached in some way to an umbilical cord that provides for them and drains others. We've strayed about as far away from why this country was founded as we can get. So... I'm just going to brag about my corn instead.

Home gardening in California is for the indulgent. You can buy anything in the store for way less than it costs to grow it at home. Water in California is expensive! But of course the ethanol producers take the best corn, and the crap that gets shipped to us is pretty mediocre.

Since water is so pricey I actually start shlepping water from the shower. Not grey water, but all the water you normally waste while waiting for it to heat up we catch in a big bucket, which helps cut down the water bill. This year I was actually able to find trash cans with good flat lids so I can catch actual rainwater for next years garden too. I also have a minor hose leak we were going to fix this summer, but I've just been letting it drain into the cans.

I know you are confused. After all, I just said I didn't care about the earth. Which is true. I care about my pocketbook which in turn results in me helping the earth. See how greed works?


  1. "I care about my pocketbook which in turn results in me helping the earth. See how greed works? "

    Which is precisely why the enviros spend so much time and energy imposing taxes and fees and implementing policies that will raise rates, to force people to use less because it's too damn expensive.


  2. Yeah. But you can't fight them by saying " you'll see - I'm just going to out spend you"! You have to hope they die off from stupidity first. I hope it's from falling from trees. And I'm not really conserving. I just think it's silly to spend 50 bucks a month to produce a few ears of corn. It's not cost effective when corn is 3 ears for 99 cents right now. No matter how shitty it looks in the stores.

    Now my lawn... it doesn't give me any corn, and I'll spend 100 bucks a month in the summer.

    The funny thing here is Ca. is, the enviros also don't want to build new water sources. They are complete idiots. This is the real reasons California water is so expensive. It's feast or famine, and they refuse to build storage for times of feast.