Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Over boxing returns to great laughter.

The economy must be really getting better. Why else would Amazon think they could spend so much energy to ship me some batteries? Take a piece of cardboard. Place batteries on it. Shrink wrap. Stick shrink-wrapped package in a cardboard box. Then put that box in a bigger box. Ship! Happy customers all around. Right?

This is how much room they took up in the box after you took out the cardboard stabilizer. You know, so it doesn't make noise.

I bet you guys are wondering what is inside that little box. "Whats in the boooooox!?" Well - lucky you. When I started this post I hadn't actually opened the box yet. It turned out to be these four batteries which are super special. They must be because I was forced into an unboxing experience.

I don't even care about ruining the Earth. I care about the health of the companies that reside on the Earth. And that has got to be ridiculously expensive to send batteries this way. You'd think it was nuclear fissile material or something. Oh come on, don't get twitchy,you see the spooks who travel through this site.


  1. On the other hand, I just got a package from Amazon with 8 CD's in it. One cardboard sleeve wrapped around all eight, no padding, no spaces or shrink wrap, noting. 4 of the 8 cases where cracked or broken. I could have used a little overpackaging, since now my jewel cases are all spidered on my brand new CDs!

  2. I'd love to know who makes this logic. Jewel cases clearly are breakable. Batteries.... not so much. It makes the baby jesus cry how helpless this new generation is. Have you ever seen them bag groceries? They don't understand heavy things crush bread and shit like that. You watch in disbelief.

    Well, at least those cases are pretty much pennies at the store. I got a bunch in my garage I don't even know what to do with.