Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The not so exciting drudgery of life.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't in a bit of a funk recently. Normally this kind of funk happens more around the holidays. I don't find the world very funny right now. And I don't really know how the bond market works, so I feel uneasy about the rapid rise in interest rates. From the consumer side, I understand what it means. What it does to the rest of the world I'm not so sure. I never really learned about bonds because they were boring and safe. Now I believe they are neither.

The cheerleaders are out in force making me feel crazy. This interest rate rise is "healthy" they say. Which I do believe is true - but that doesn't mean people can afford this. I'm pretty sure you can't unless you are Chinese. Who apparently make up about half of the sales in California right now. And it seems to me we are right about the point where everyone is faking the data. Yet the stock market goes up every day. Not enough I can get out of a couple of my still underwater stocks from 2007. But something is going up. I guess.

Since I can't really figure out the world right now I've been doing Spring cleaning to get ready for a garage sale. Oh, how do I hate garage sales. I think we've had one in total. If you are going to do a garage sale, which day do you think is best? Saturday, or Sunday. I don't really know the garage sale demo. It's old people. Right? I'm going to use my garage sale winnings to subsidize a fancy new saw. My destruction sugar is low.

Then I had the mattress inspector out today. And no, this isn't a euphemism for my husband. The real mattress inspector. We call him Mattress Mcconaughey, because we are hoping he will say, alright, alright. You know those horror movies where your mattress eats you. It starts with your butt and you just have your arms poking out and it gobbles you up? That is our mattress. Apparently these things have a warranty for 10 years. I'm not counting my mattresses until they are hatched, but I'm hoping I have a good enough case to have this swapped under warranty. It's got a two inch sag. It's so saggy that after Mattress Mcconaughey left we laughed to ourselves that we were sure he must have been surprised we weren't obese. Not that I couldn't lose a few pounds. But still, it's like a meteor hit this bed and all it left was a crater.

So... that it. The most unexciting news. It's either this or nothing.


  1. Go Saturday morning. Offer free doughnuts to anyone who makes a purchase before 7:30 am and then watch in awe as the early bird crowds show up out of nowhere because they've been shunned every where else and can't resist the bait of a bargain. Shut down at 10am, the rest of the weekend is stragglers and not worth your time.