Tuesday, July 09, 2013

That's why.

I just got back from picking up some bunny essentials at the store. Carrot tops and parsley. There was a guy in the line in front of me who I suspected was on EBT. Though, it's really hard to tell these days since they all have a card that looks like a credit card. But he was holding up the line, which is  a dead ringer for EBT. I mean, he wasn't old, and not a woman. They are apparently still in love with writing checks. And they write them in the most precise cursive apparently. That must explain why it takes so long. So he had to be on EBT. Men usually don't hold up the line. They don't want to be chatty.

Anyway, EBT has all sort of rules what you can and can't eat. In this case this guy had purchased hot chicken from the deli, and apparently EBT will only let you buy cold chicken tax free. Or something like that.

When he went to the deli to get his "cold chicken", I asked the cashier how much of their business they got from EBT. And she was more candid than I ever thought she would be. About 1/3 of the state is on EBT, so I'd guess about a third.

I had to clarify, because my nerve cells are dead to this now. I don't even track it. 1/3rd of California is on EBT. Yes, she said, and that doesn't even count WIC. She goes on - we are paying for it. There is nothing we can do.

It was then I said to myself - this is why I feel shitty all of the time. I can go out of the house pretty good, and I will see some old lady digging through trash, or the uptick in begging, and it just affects me. I mean, seriously! One Third! It's depressing. I can not believe this world! And I try to carry on, but fuck - this is ridiculous. I'm going to stop calling him President Money Bags, and just start calling him the ghetto President.

Then you watch TV, and they all say everything is fine. Just fine.


  1. We just got an annual bill for $700 from the CHP for the right to drive on the freeways. This followed another $700 bill for the right to run a home office in Contra Costa County. These are irrespective of revenue, so if you lump in the state registration fees and the incidentals like the bogus television recycling fee that every industry has and you're looking at needing $2,500 per year, for the right to earn a self employed living before you even earn your first cent. Honestly, I'm not sure why more aren't on the food stamps. It sure is a lot easier to take advantage of the government programs than to get taken advantage of. At some point, it's hard to blame others from acting self interested, when our government all but forces people to become dependent on it.

  2. I think this country needs a huge lesson on how not to be a burden to others.

    Taking "advantage" of government programs is essentially taking advantage of other hard working people. Government policies aside. If one third of California is on EBT - that means that 1/3 of people essentially have no future. And everyone should be outraged about it.

    I'm telling you - once you go down this road - it is very hard to reverse.