Saturday, December 22, 2012

At least it's an update.

In California, there are only a few weeks out of the year you can be lazy and not feel guilty about it. Which is one reason this blog goes off the rails at this time of year. It's actually cold and rainy for days at a time. You sleep in late, lay around and generally become mopey after about a week. And even if I were to see something interesting anyway I'm generally not excited about any of the photos I'm taking. My new camera won't be here until after Christmas. There is a blizzard in the Northwest. And my camera is on a truck somewhere.

One of the reasons it's taken me so many years to replace my gear is that my camera sees IR. And most camera's have filters that block IR. I'd been hoping Fuji (which is just a Nikon body) would update the S3 Pro. But I'm starting to doubt they will never do that. So Mr S. sent my new camera out to Life Pixel be converted back into seeing IR. I don't use it that often because it has a steep learning curve. But it's just a feature you can't live without once you have it. And I'm going to try and slow down this year and get back into it. Examples here.

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