Sunday, December 16, 2012

I got you a..... camel?

Mr S. and I debated for a least a half hour about this camel. I don't want to take any pictures of Christmas lights yet because I'm upgrading my camera gear. My big camera has been having problems for years, and now I can't even delete photos on camera or change to black and white or anything. So I'm hoping my new camera arrives in time to take Christmas light shots

I told Mr S. - you couldn't pay to me go see a camel at the zoo, but put that same camel in a Nativity scene, and maybe I'm interested. And my readers are bored. So, off we went.

We get there, and it's a huge thing. They've closed off the streets. I'm just in it for the camel and I tell Mr S. just drop me off and go around the block. But let me back track a little.

Mr S. and I have a relationship where he pretty much refuses to walk anywhere but in back of me. It's something I kind of hate, but he does it because each and every time we go out - it's like an episode of vanished. We can walk into a store together and he turns around and I am just gone. Over and over and over. I'm easily distracted, and I'm almost a foot shorter than him. It's easy for me to get swallowed by a croud. He hates having to track me down all the time. But, if I see something interesting I'm just off.

Anyway, back to the camel where he is dropping me off. I tell him - I'm not taking my phone. Just go around the block. Both of us know instictively this was a bad idea. But there is only one way in and out of this place. I take my shots and go to try and find him. I figure he can't miss me, I'm in the street watching for the car. Finally I see him walking up to me and he's pissed. Apparently he'd found a parking spot and had been looking for me the whole time. In his mind these people are a gypsy cult and this is how they get new actors (by abducting people) and he's Liam Neeson trying to find his wife.

There was a huge block long line to get into this thing. Which I wasn't going to wait for. But I'd found a back way in. I thought taking pictures of the structure the angel was on would be interesting because it had the spot light. Right about this time the girl was starting to get down on the scissor lift. I was still taking a few shots and in my periphial vision I could see she'd stretched her arms back out to pose for me. I was the only one on the back side. Which I have to admit, gave me a thrill. I yelled a thank you to her and she yelled back a Merry Christmas. It was just a cute moment.

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  1. Don't take this the wrong way, but I've ready your blog and listened to the (little) bits you've recorded and "played" here and I think I agree with Mr S that I'd refused "to walk anywhere but in back of me" too.