Friday, December 07, 2012

I'm back on the contractor rodeo.

Well....I was suppose to get a fence quote yesterday. And I wound up telling them to fuck off. Was it the price you ask? Noooo. It was that they gave me a two hour window, and 45 minutes after that window expired I had to call them to find out where they were. I had to be somewhere. And they made it seem like they didn't really want my business. So I obliged them.

Which really sucks because these guys were my go to guys.

Now I have to go through the parade of contractors to find a new one. It really takes me lot to burn a bridge like that. I mean - they all are late. All of them. All of the time. My patience is just really low.

Plus now I have to wait a little while to even call anyone out. After it's been sunny for a week - those guys will be more hungry.

At least this will give ya'll something to read.

P.S. I was hoping to get this done before California instituted their new lumber tax. Oh, you haven't heard of it? Here.

1 comment:

  1. More f'-ing taxes -- exactly what this bleeding hellhole of a state needs. @#$& these damn politicians!!!