Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some people who hit my blog give me a thrill.

I spend a fair amount of time watching the traffic to my blog. I think all bloggers do, even if they don't want to admit it. This blog doesn't have much of a theme, and I have radically diverse readers. Seems like when I post about politics half my readers tune out, and when I post other stuff those readers tune out. So I have to do quite amount of guessing when it comes to finding stuff to entertain you. I mean - sometimes I have really freaking fantastic stuff that entertains me. But a blog can not survive unless you have interesting stuff all the time. Meaning if I don't keep you entertained, you won't see the really cool stuff. However, sometimes you guys really entertain me. Like this guy who hit my blog. Yes, it's probably a guy based on the demographics of people who watch my videos. And if it isn't, I'm not in the mood to placate any of you right now. I mean.. that is an effing cool place to come from.

Of course, I think I'm the #1 site for beating children too. Seriously. So there is that. Which queebs me out. But that is far from the most deviant searches that come through. Sometimes I have to parse through and try to figure out what combinations were triggered for people to get to my site.

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