Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yes. Women ARE always bitching about something.

The basic problem as I see it between men and women is this. Men basically want to be helpful. They do. That is their whole mission in life. This is why they are so confused when we wind up pissed. Their man minds they say "look honey, I'm helping"! To which women reply "reeeallly. You thought that was helping"?

Take for example these spray cans who were emphatically made by men. I know this not because these companies are usually run by men. But because the person who designed this can may have never even known a women.

When I ripped off the protective plastic and started using one of these cans I immediately went into a meltdown. Do these men not know how a woman's body is built I started. Mr S. just looked at me. He knows to let this spin out.

Sure the old way, you pushed down this tiny nozzle and that eventually hurt your finger. ONE finger. And that sucked after a while. But these new cans, you have to use two fingers. Or two thumbs. Or anything that will give you enough downward pressure. If you are a women. And it's not exactly women are sporting the massive forearm strength. So you literally wind up with carpal tunnel within a very short time.

On the bright side - they did make it so the paint doesn't run when you constantly hold down the button. Like girls do. Because basically you have to. I was almost crippled after one day of this project. And it's not exactly like I'm a sissy girl. Just two weeks ago I was putting in 1500sqft of sod.

Still, I don't know what kind of a man girl could use these cans without that sucking. They must have giant man hands or something.

I don't understand why men cant get the idea that we want to use the stuff you do, but our bodies are just different.

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