Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I'm thinking about taking the week off from blogging. I mean, unless something really interesting happens. Just don't be surprised to not see any posts for a while.

And anyway, for you new readers, the blog sorta goes off the rails this time of year. It takes a lot of effort to find interesting stuff and then write about the whole thing. I'm tired. Now the season is slow and I need to try and get extra sleep.


  1. We will do a best of Snarkolepsy here until you decide to end your strike. Whose up for a game of cute or creepy?


  2. Hahahah. That made me smile. I forgot I even posted that vid. I am slightly nervous how many cute or creepy things you can come up with. Maybe my blog has a theme I didn't know about.

    Also interesting? How many of you have stuck with me for so long. I mean, a lot of years. It makes me feel all weird inside. In a happy way. I can barely keep myself entertained, let alone a bunch of other people.

    Thanks for sticking around for all these years.

  3. Stuck with you or not, you've certainly had a lot of interesting visitors. Here was one of your more interesting ones


  4. Now I see why you guys read me. That was pretty funny.

    And - I liked that you tried to entertain my readers while I was gone. I will keep you in mind for a guest host gig. Hahahah.