Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Because they are just that modest.

Councilman Schenirer: City's business climate must improve.

"Following the closure of two large businesses - and after years of financial instability - Sacramento City Hall is talking about changing its business culture."

When I read this article yesterday, I was slightly excited. OMG, I thought. The world is finally changing. After all - they did say this. "A key part of the plan is to alter the perception that Sacramento is unfriendly toward business."

Yeah, not so much. Because the problem is they are just to modest too talk themselves up. Yeah. That's the problem.

"We have a great city, but we're not very good at talking about it," he said.

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  1. This from the city that still charges $100 a year if you want to put an arcade game in your own restaurant. You know to protect the kids from gambling or something. I figure they can't help themselves with all of the politicians that live there. They can't resist regulating everything within their field of vision.