Friday, October 05, 2012

I have to admit, in some ways ZYNGA bums me out. The video game industry is notoriously hard. There is a year or two product cycle, and by the time you get the game out - the kids have moved onto something else. It's why EA keeps cranking out updates of old titles. So I guess I think it would have been nice for someone to sweep in and make the world different.

Having said that - it goes against all of video game history. All of it. Whenever I see any news out of Zynga, all I want to scream is - these kids should study the history of one Trip Hawkins. He owes money to a lot of people in the Valley. Well, I mean... "technically" he doesn't. According to the courts. People just wound up working for free for a few weeks. Ooopsie.

Zynga was just arrogant in not understanding the history of gaming. It is a really hard grind.


  1. "Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) projected disappointing third-quarter results that led the online social-game developer to again lower its expectations for the full year.

    Shares fell 15.5%, to $2.38 in recent after-hours trading. Zynga went public in December with shares initially priced at $10 each. "

    And then there is that whole drop from 14 in March. It's down like 80% now. Painful.