Friday, January 06, 2012

Ariel Atom in the wild-ish.

Today I figured I would whip through the San Jose International Car show. Mr S. is still with family, and normally I want to beat a lot of people at this show anyway. In and out was my plan. The place was surprisingly busy for a week day. While trying to find a parking spot that wasn't labeled compact - I saw this thing. I couldn't wait to get to it.

As soon as I started pointing my big camera at it - the crowd started forming. This will make Mr S. laugh, because he watches this behaviour from a distance. He also knows it drives me crazy. Most of the time I think guys are just trying to get in the shot. They linger forever, and I refuse to take take shots with them in it. They hang out for even longer.

Since Mr S. wasn't with me, I wanted to get a lot of shots. And honestly most of the guys were really nice. Everyone stopped for it, and guys are happy to share information. More information than I want to know, because I'm a grrrl. So I managed to find out it is a kit car, and has a Honda engine. You are now on your own.

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