Thursday, January 19, 2012

Naaaa. You don't say.

I am not completely sure, and I don't want to hunt it down now - but, I'm guessing this is from the solarstrong project.

Navy losing money on solar project that used stimulus funds, audit finds.

"WASHINGTON – The Navy is losing money on new solar energy panels installed with stimulus funds at Naval Air Station Lemoore and other California bases, auditors say.

Lemoore, located in the sun-baked San Joaquin Valley in Kings County, was among 10 Navy and Marine Corps bases in California to have solar energy systems installed, even though they won't be cost-effective, the Pentagon auditors found.

As a result, taxpayers will be out $25.1 million, while the Obama administration finds another shadow cast over its use of stimulus funds for renewable energy. "

The article goes on to say:

"Projects were selected in part for their "contribution to the achievement of energy goals rather than cost-effectiveness," Navy officials stated.

According to auditors, energy cost savings from the Lemoore solar panel system will recoup only an estimated 26 percent of the installation cost. At Naval Base San Diego, the solar panels will recoup only 16 percent of the cost, they said.

Over the course of 20 years, auditors concluded, the solar projects studied will fall $25.1 million short of paying for themselves."

This is complete insanity. Every single one of these projects likely will not pay for themselves... perhaps ever.

Solar is the least cost effective way to get electricity. No matter how much money governments shove into it to disguise the truth. Making panels is quite energy intensive, and no one takes this factor into account when they calculate energy efficiency. Our alleged enemy (China) is disguising all the operating costs. If all the panels we consume were built in the US, you would see the feedback much more rapidly.

And don't even get me started on California schools who have mortgaged their present and future for this crap. They even put panels on schools that are closed. I thought these panels were suppose to be saving districts money. I guess they could now argue the panels are meeting 100% of the energy needs of that closed school. I don't even have children, but I still have to pay for this shit because I own property.

Even more frustrating is the philosophy that people should pay more for power. All of the progress we have made as a nation over the past 100 years is because we had a source of cheap reliable energy. Every time this process is disrupted, our economy suffers. This time is no different. Except now we have a looming bill for an unknown amount just chillin' out waiting to explode on us. I mean, no one knows how many bonds were sold for this crap.

Which of course make President Money Bags rejection of the XL pipeline just plain funny. Yeah, funny. It's what people wanted!

In one full swoop he could have tossed out all of the oil speculators and gas would have fallen relatively quickly. But, no. That wouldn't fit his agenda. Now gas prices will again start their climb, which will depress the economy, causing temporary deflation. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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