Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What kind of tattoo would make a guy go this apeshit?

Sexually explicit tattoo angered Pinkberry founder, officials say.

"A founder of the Pinkberry yogurt chain allegedly beat up a homeless man with a tire iron because he found the transient's sexually explicit tattoo offensive, according to L.A. prosecutors.

The incident took place in June 2011 on an off-ramp of the Hollywood Freeway at Vermont Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Young Lee was stopped at a light when he was approached by a man seeking money, police said.

Words were exchanged, and Lee and another man in the car chased the homeless man and "beat him down" with the tire iron, police Capt. Paul Vernon said.

According to a statement by the district attorney's office, Lee felt disrespected by the tattoo. Officials did not provide a detailed description of the tattoo."

I have to admit - this story made me insanely curious. It isn't the part where the guy thought the tattoo was offensive - it was that he felt "personally" offended. Especially since the homeless are wearing every piece of clothing they possess.

So, how did he get a shot of any tattoo? Unless the guy had balls tattooed on his chin. I mean, what could it be? A fat chick? What?! I hope it wasn't that guy who had a bear mugging that chicks boobs on his leg.

oh! Maybe it was this! I'd forgotten I'd even made that post.

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