Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wow. It doesnt even look like Michele believes him.


  1. I missed all the fun because I was commuting. Meh. Not that I actually wanted to listen to PMB. The sight of him makes my teeth ache. I was gritting my them in agony just at the outtakes they showed on the news a little while ago.


  2. Glad you watched him so I didn't have to. THANKS!

    Got home a bit after 5 and turned on the tv (still on PMSNBC/MSLSD from last night's debate) to see a commentator tell me parts of the speech seemed like a campaign speech. I'd have said "well duh" but the guy WAS a lib saying that.


  3. I was giddy all day to watch him. He's just a typical marketing guy who over promises and under delivers.

    I love to watch how he sandbags himself. He loves to talk about green energy all the while trying to make it so green energy can't be made here via the out of control EPA. He has two conflicting mandates - yet he doesn't see how they are connected. Funny.

    Mr President, people are starting to think you don't know what you are talking about. So, go out there and babble and promise them anything.