Thursday, September 08, 2011

Perry could get the young vote.

"Rick Perry stuck by his controversial statement that Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme” at the Republican debate on Wednesday night, and said it’s a “monstrous lie” to tell American kids it will be there when they retire."

I am not a huge fan of Rick Perry. As an atheist, I'm not crazy about his religious prayer vigils. I'm not militant. The debates about religion at the holidays are stupid. Religious holidays are charming. And delicious.

For atheists, all holidays are food holidays. Still, I wish he wouldn't have done that.

Having said that - Perry's insistance that SS is a ponzi scheme should be a winner. He should go all in on that. It's fascinating to see the other candidates try to make him out as a crazy. There isn't a single person under the age of 50 who believes they will ever see a dime of SS. NOT ONE.

Hell most of us would forfeit everything we have paid into SS, if we could just stop paying now.

Rick Perry is stating what we all already believe. To see the other candidates try to deny it is fascinating.

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