Monday, September 26, 2011

President Money Bags sure does love his signs.

I was up in SF this weekend to check out a protest. Normally I would have left the city thinking - man, homelessness up here is as bad as I've ever seen it. If it weren't for this sign.

Now I'm not going to give some trite "how to solve homelessness" speech. The reasons for homelessness are extremely complicated. I have been trying to figure it out my whole life. Not in a middle class saving a puppy dog sort of way. But from a perspective born of fear.

I was born to a mother who wasn't even 14 yet. So, you can image all the socioeconomic ramifications of that. Back in the day - you didn't get a reality show. You moved frequently. I've always watched the homeless from a distance with some curiosity and much self reflection.

So, to see this sign next to a park filled with homeless - just burns me. It is one of the most disappointing aspects of this administration. Their incessant march to get people signed up for food stamps and welfare.

It is so easy to get on assistance. It is so hard to get off. Many of them never will, and they will wind up in a park like these people.


  1. First off, I sure hope you weren't up there in Frisco (I know, I know.. "They" hate the name Frisco. Or used to.) for the ugly old naked guys protest. I looked at about 6 of Zombie's "G rated" pictures and had to quit. Some people got no brains.

    Regarding a later point you made relating to getting on assistance, 19 years ago, Our oldest "got pregnant" at 17 because the state welfare office told her she couldn't get help because she was single and had no dependents. Get pregnant she was told and you can get lots of "help."

    Someone in the same office told her that common-law marriage was recognized in Washington. (Not.) Doesn't matter that the father of her last three children boasts of having over 40 children by 25 different women. And is currently living in HER house with another of his "baby mamas".

    She's been "trying" to get straightened out, but she lets him stay there because he's a "role model" for her three boys. Yup, sure he is. (And she's scared to death of him).


    I'm doing this using the anonymous option because of the personal info. You may recognized me, I'm a regular reader (heck, I even sent you an email and received a reply) and read you not regularly but often.

  2. Hahahah. I would have totally gone to that - but Mr S. has an aversion to looking at dudes junk. It's like he is being stabbed in the eye with tiny peni'. I mean, he go if I really wanted, but he wouldn't have any fun.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story. It fills me with so many thoughts, I find it hard to express them.

  3. Boy, I think that's way more personal info than I want to know.

    I'd say thanks for sharing as well, but I just don;t know.... (grin)

    We started caring for the original baby from about 6 weeks and adopted her when she was about a year old. It's been a long 17 years, as she didn't get the best care before she was born or shortly after, but she just went off to community college last week and a new chapter in her life begins. She's got some learning problems (nothing major) but as long as they can be accommodated, the sky's the limit. She's not a big reader, but can play the piano and pipe organ (for our church and another church after ours finishes on Sundays), sings well -- she does solos for professional theater -type stuff and plays the harp. (We went to Costco yesterday and they had a new "electronic grand piano" on display. She started fiddling around. I turned the volume up and just watched the crowd gather.

    Well, too much info from me. Thanks for listening (reading).

    p.s. the verification word is anumani. Sounds like what the guys in S.F. do maybe. Like mano-a-mano only different. Ha, I'm SO funny I make myself laugh.....