Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It isn't automation that is killing jobs - it's youtube.

Last night while Mr S. and I were repairing his laptop fan, I had to laugh about how great the net is. Last time I took apart a laptop - I bricked it. And truth be told, I was sure there was a 80% chance we would brick this one.

Laptops are put together by machines with precise detail. My stance usually is - you can't get it back together the same way. They are borderline disposable. To get to the fan, you basically have to disassemble the whole machine.

Still, we live in the modern world - and youtube will teach you practically anything you want to know. I would close down all the schools, and just make youtube schools. It is a surprisingly valuable asset. You have to wade through some crap, but still.

If I am really stuck on a problem - I go to youtube before I will hit a website.

In the old days, you might have sent this laptop back for repair. Or just bought a new one. The machine is two years old now. I think my phone is more powerful. But the net tells you everything you need to know to fix everything on earth. It does!

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