Thursday, September 29, 2011

I want to punch these people in the neck so frickin hard.

Notice the histrionics.

"RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- There is outrage in the East Bay over trees that were chopped down and it is the reason they were cut down that has people so upset.

A grove of more than 100 trees were chopped down to make way for, of all things, a solar system. The trees were cut down at the popular Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Park in Richmond. "

The article goes on to say:

"It began as a project to convert 13 county buildings to solar power. Most of the solar panels were installed on rooftops, but the county public works department, along with Main Street Power -- a green construction company -- felt the area was the best place to build the panels for the West County jail. "

"Now the county wants to replant trees here which will ultimately cost the tax payers more money.

Now the solar panels will have to be put elsewhere. The irony is all of this was in an effort to go solar and be more environmentally conscious. "
Track back.

Honestly, I don't know how 100 trees get chopped down without anyone noticing. That's got to take a few days. No job foreman on this project apparently. Construction workers are like children, and need to be monitored closely. They will rob you blind if you let them.

I think the city needs to live with the fact they have 100 less tree, and those panels should not be moved. Because paying for both - is bullshit. Those panels will probably get ripped off any day now anyway.


  1. Maybe it's not so bad after all? What type of trees were they? Something quick growing like alder?

    We had a friend (well, still have her, she just moved from Wash. to Michigan) who works for the forest service. She said that almost all trees do their best job at converting CO2 into oxygen for the first 25-30 years they are growing. After that they're just sort of a waste. (maybe a joke?)

    I do agree with you on the "Hey what happened here" part. There have been multiple stories of people in the Seattle-area cutting down trees , not even always on their own property, because they were in the way of their view. And no one notices till a week later when they're all Hey, what happened here???? Well, guess we'll fine you $50 a tree.


  2. W.T.F.???????

    You can guess how I feel about this story. What a fucking waste.

    Word verification: entspho. The Ents want to make Vietnamese soup out of the assholes who did this. :P

  3. What are the vegas odds that these are the same people that voted for the solar conversion in the first place?

  4. Here you go...

    from Seattle's KOMO radio news, a story about kids in a Portland, Ore., area town who chopped down trees because it was "better than drinking."

    Only in America.


  5. That is a really funny story. My random thoughts:

    1. They aren't drinking the right stuff.

    2. In the old days they could have gotten paid to do that. I guess we don't have much of a timber industry anymore though.

    3. They could have been doing both.

    4. 10 grand per tree! I've bought a lot of trees in my day. For a couple of hundred bucks you can get a 10 foot tree.

    Thanks for the link share. ;)

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