Friday, September 23, 2011

The domino's start falling.

Accusations of "another Solyndra" pull the plug on new vehicle chargers in small town.

"With a population of around 14,000, Mill Valley, CA is too big to be called a one-horse town. The real question is whether it will become a two-EV charging station town.

That question that was up for consideration at the September meeting of the Mill Valley town council. The city's planning engineer had sought and found grant money for installing Chargepoint charging stations as part of a 2010 deal between Marin Clean Energy and Coulomb Technologies to put charging stations in eight Marin County communities. A location for the charging stations had been located. Some of the funds for putting the stations in place came through that plan, while additional funds came from the Marin County transportation authority and other sources. Costs to the city would run around $1,000 a year (including electricity). Putting in the charging stations seemed to have support.

But a funny thing happened on a way to a vote. A local resident stood up to call electric cars something that was being forced on the community by the Federal government, "another Solyndra" that just "plain doesn't work." Within a few minutes, the city council decided that the costs and giving up two "precious parking spaces" was too much to ask."

First - notice the liberal area code. Mill Valley is right next to Marin.

Two - that is an amazingly small dollar amount for a city to kill a project. Especially in Marin County. I was just up there a week or two ago, and even now, it doesn't look like anything happened there. From an outsiders view, they seem relatively unscathed by the recession. Hell, even my renter is getting roofing work in Marin now.

Three - what does this do to Tesla?

Four - What does this do to Telsa?

Five - Repeat three and four.

In 2009 I started bitching about these things in Living off the companies teet. I am reusing the picture for this post.

With all that has been going on in the solar side - these plug in stations were completely off my radar. To see a resident in liberal Marin so easily shut down a project, means governments are running scared. Some might get the feeling a lot of these companies are toxic. Rightly so or not. With these plug in stations though - completely toxic.

Personally I couldn't figure out how that whole system was going to work. I think the electricity from them was almost completely subsidized.


  1. Minor correction. Mill Valley is a town in Marin not next to it.

  2. So my question is, who pays for this electricity? Is it the Mill Valley taxpayers? And what makes electricity down there? Coal? which makes the cars clean, how?

    And President MoneyBags is giving another Billion or is it FIVE billion (yup, with a B) for more solyndra look-a-likes?

    John, who's a 'Honkey for Herman'
    (Can I say that here?) Apparently Honkey is wrong, according to the spelling-checker underliner thingie here. It's 'Honky for Herman')

  3. You can say anything you want here.

    Cain was my first choice, but he spun out early. The good news it that it was so early - I can't even remember what he said now. It might have been that right of return thing. I just can't remember.

    There's a 50/50 chance they are getting power from panels. Marin County is very wealthy and have been on the douchebag bandwagon for quite a while.

  4. Maybe the muslim thing with Cain? He made a couple of remarks about them 4 or 5 months ago that got a lot of press. One was how the community should be able to decide if a mosque should go in. I read and listened to the brainiacs tell us that was unconstitutional. Apparently no one told them that zoning boards made up of locals CAN make that decision.

    I met Cain once or twice back in late 80's/early 90's when I worked for a state trade assn for restaurant operators. He came to our state for a convention and I also met him at a national meeting. So of course I'm for him. Only candidate I know. Ha...

    Just think how much fun it'd be if he made it to the Republican candidate and he was running against Mr. Moneybags. Gosh, us conservatives racists wouldn't know what to do would we? Ah... It's be a GREAT election. Most fun since I voted for McGovern at 18.