Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If by bright, he means falling off a cliff.

This my friends is a chart of First Solar Inc. FSLR. Do I need to give any commentary? With the way the market looks, this stock will probably print at a 52 week low. Right now 74.03 a share.

"I think the future for solar energy is bright," Salazar said, predicting that success would come over the next several years and convince even cynics that solar can be an affordable alternative to coal-fired power plants and other traditional forms of energy." Here.

What kind of degree does this guy have? Wait.. never mind. Probably Berkeley. The translation to this whole story is - wait, let me tell my buddies to get their money out first.

Okay folks. This is straight from a presser First Solar sent out a couple of days ago.

" The CdTe technology spearheaded by First Solar is considered by the EPIA as the most economical thin film technology, with recorded efficiency levels of up to 11% in 2010. The latest breakthroughs should eventually raise the efficiency levels of these panels to 15% and will make these cells more attractive to purchasers."

Sitting on your roof. Which means no electrical line loss - you only get 11% efficiency. Hoped to be 15% soon. I mean, Moore's Law is great. Just not as great as Ken Salazar thinks.

" However with the credits in the U.S. set to expire in 2016 and governments in Europe looking to cut back on their programs, module manufacturers are realizing that they must cut costs to maintain sales and margins."

Just now realising they need to cut costs to maintain margins. The article was dated 9/19/11.

Sometimes I don't understand how the computer industry can spawn such idiots. But I guess is the government is shoveling money into your craw, you don't understand such things as market forces.

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